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We are the Fancy Farmerettes, two big city girls who traded life in the concrete jungle for a more down-to-earth existence in Norfolk County. We provide upscale products that promote sustainable living for the hobby farmer and eco-minded enthusiast alike. Our products are a little luxe but always environmentally responsible. Our business name is an homage to the Ontario farmerettes of the First and Second World Wars. Throughout the wars, many men were called overseas to battle, and women stepped up to take on jobs previously filled by men. In particular, the Ontario Farm Service Force called upon women to take on farm work from spring to fall. These women were called “farmerettes,” and they played an integral role in maintaining food security during the war years. As a business, Fancy Farmerettes values the work done by women in agriculture, and we carry on the tradition of women producing farm goods for their communities. Painting by Manly Edward MacDonald (August 15, 1889 – April 10, 1971)

Meet Irene, Co-Owner and Farmerette

High school teacher by day and Fancy Farmerette by night, I believe in eco-friendly agriculture and authentic living. I was born and raised in Toronto by Ukrainian immigrant parents who were early adopters of a sustainable, self-producing and natural way of living off the land, even in the depths of the concrete jungle. From a young age, I learned that food scraps get composted, chemicals are forbidden, and a green thumb is something you show off with pride. Fast forward a few decades, and here I am living on a rural property with my life partner, honey bees, and animal companions. I am happiest in the outdoors, digging compost into the soil, feeding treats to my chickens, and listening to the hum of the hives. People say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in my case, this can’t be truer. I carry on using the traditional and natural farming approaches of my ancestors. Reach out to talk about beekeeping practices, coop and run design, and chicken care.

Meet Veronica, Co-Owner and Farmerette

I’m an educator, gardener, chicken mama, and culinary adventurer. Without a doubt, I’m also the foodie farmerette. With my longtime love of gardening rooted back to my Italian grandparents who worked the land, I keep our little farm blooming with flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. In the field, I try to strike a balance between native species, heirloom varieties, and somewhat obscure selections of edible delights. I love to tuck the chickens into bed at night and make sure each one gets its fair share of cuddles. When I’m not tending to the garden or my chickens, you will find me in the kitchen whipping up a new recipe with local produce, edible flowers, and honey from the micro-farm. Reach out to talk about food, gardening, recipes, and chicken care.

Our Life at a Glance

Our little coop...

Our little coop...

all dressed in red

Early season growing

Early season growing

Heirloom tomatoes are amongst our favourite things to grow!